Executive Management

First, A Brief History

Control Systems Engineering Building
Our 65,000 sq ft building

In our history of management, the Group of Patriots had many names such as Lewallen Automation, Patriot Automation, Patriot Solutions, ASAG Energy, among others. The Group of Patriots were made up of these four companies and were managed out of one office, as a result. They served the Greater Greenville, South Carolina area because of their location in the Easley and Powdersville SC areas.

Eventually, most of these companies were sold or dissolved because of the disposition of the owners. Patriot Automation was purchased by our current President, Austin Jones, in 2017. At that time all other Patriot companies were already closed. We are truly a new company and see a great new future because we are indeed under new management.

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Meet our Leadership Team

Austin Jones, President of Patriot Automation

Mr Austin Jones, President of Patriot Automation Management
Austin Jones, President
Materials Management

Mr. Jones comes to us from years of Manufacturing Excellence with his textile business just next door, Materials Management. Eventually, he found out about Patriot he felt compelled to buy the company. We are proud to support him as the new Owner of Patriot Automation because he knows how to server the public so well.

Austin’s vision and dedication has boosted our business in the upward direction. Austin has his MBA from University of Florida and his undergraduate work was at American Intercontinental University. Austin has much experience in: Corporate Financial Management •International Supply Chain Management •Operations Management •Business Development •Mergers and Acquisitions •Resource Planning •Inventory Management

Buff Williams, Vice President & Director of Operations

Buff Williams Management of Operations

Buff Williams, Vice President
Director of Operations

Mr. Williams comes to us from years of Manufacturing Leadership with various businesses in the Greater Greenville area. Buff is an expert in Lean Manufacturing and a Six Sigma Black Belt. Because of that, he understands finding the best solution to any manufacturing challenge. Buff is corporately responsible for all projects at Patriot and is quick to make sure that every project runs perfectly. Buff has his MBA from Gardner Webb University and his under Graduate work from Wofford College with a BA in Pre-Law. He has much experience in: •Operational Startups •Mergers because of Business Integration • Commercial Real Estate and Manufacturing Relocation •Operations Management •Freight, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Distribution

Allen Cuthrell, Director of Engineering

Allen Cuthrell Engineering Management
Allen Cuthrell
Director of Engineering

Mr. Cuthrell comes to us from many years of Manufacturing Experience as both a client of Manufacturing and and Consulting Engineer. He brings innovative idea from all his career experiences. Allen has his BSEET degree from Catawba College. He carries a Statistical Process Control instructor certification because he attended curriculum at Clemson University. Allen has much experience in: Control System Design and Implementation •CAD Design and Concepts •Electronic Communications and Technology •Electrical Circuits and Instruments •Equipment Measurements and Controls •Programing PLC and HMI •Site Implementation and Management. He has worked for Michelin, Jacobs Engineering, Lockwood Greene, Day & Zimmermann, and Polynt Specialty Chemicals before joining Patriot Automation.

Don McKinney, Manager of Procurement
and Project Coordination

Don McKenney, Patriot Automation Management
Don McKinney, Manager of Procurement and
Project Coordination

Mr. McKinney comes to us from many years of exposure to Consulting Engineering projects from several large engineering companies in the Greenville SC area. Don knows all the vendors and pricing and equipment just like the back of his hand. He is quick to resolve any problem with material orders. He checks schedules daily because Don follows the project all the way through completion. Don has worked in procurement for over 35 years with larger companies as J. E. Sirrine, (now Jacobs Engineering), and Day & Zimmermann. For instance, he has worked on such mega-projects such as Philip-Morris Cabarrus.

Bonnie Wilkinson, Accounting Manager

Bonnie Wilkinson, Accounting Manager

Bonnie Wilkinson,
Accounting Manager

Mrs. Wilkinson has also been with us for many years. As the company has evolved she has always been there to be sure that the finances were all moving smoothly and in it proper place. Once you start a project with us, Bonnie is one of the first persons you will interact with because she wants to be sure no one is confused with billing and accounting. Bonnie stay in close touch with the engineering and panel shop and is very aware of what everyone is doing. She knows how we work and knows how to keep us moving in the right direction. All accounts are well administered because she really knows her job. If anyone is behind on a payment, she will be the first voice you hear over the phone with a friendly reminder.

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