Our Engineers

Automation Engineers and Design Staff

You will find we are proud of Our Engineers when evaluating Patriot Automation. They provide turn-key systems integration solutions for businesses in a wide variety of industries. Their quality and ingenuity is unmatched because that is how they work their excellence.

Our Engineers deliver quality industrial automation solutions. We have earned the respect of clients who share our company values in the Greenville, South Carolina area because we deliver superior customer service. We are committed to providing industrial automation systems so insure your satisfaction.

Our roster of highly qualified Engineers is growing because of
our growing customers’ needs.  The Upstate of South Carolina and generally has become a source of engineering talent.  We are blessed to call on nearby Universities of Clemson, Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, Tennessee and Auburn.  Young new talent is always favorable because of their new ideas and technologies.  We seek seasoned professionals too from successful careers. Many are from manufacturing facilities, for example.   Our teams want to share their collective experience so you can be successful too.

Patriot Automation will always strive to employ the best and brightest Control Systems Engineers to serve on challenging assignments.  We get the job done, but most importantly, we do it done right.

PLC Upgrades and SCADA Systems Design

Our aim is to develop high-quality products.  We offer a fair price while providing superior customer service.  Patriot Automation pricing is competitive because we keep our overhead costs low. Our organization is basically flat as we charge each engineer with their own destiny. Gone are the days of top-heavy companies billing the project with administrative time but adding very little project value.

Recently, we have been receiving a high number of PLC/HMI/System upgrades. Their installed equipment is at the end of life. This leaves factories vulnerable because a hardware failure cannot be replaced. The only place to find hardware is a parts recycler or ebay. Good luck with that. One usually finds they buy a damaged card or someone else’s problems. Some factories know they need to do this but they have delayed the inevitable. What they don’t know is that all their competition have already upgraded and we may have executed one of those processes already. We are also finding that older technology has no forward support. This is because most engineering experts have retired and left the workforce. Don’t let this happen to you. One of our specialties are control systems upgrades. Most system upgrades are greatly simplified because of advances in technology over the years.

We started out in control panels back in 1990.  Today, our Electrical Control System Panel builds are rated for UL-508A Standards.

Automation and Systems Design Solutions

Patriot Automation can provide a full range of services. Here is a short list of Our services:

  • Control Panel Design & Assembly
  • Legacy to New Control Systems Upgrades
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Systems Integration, IIoS, Factory 4.0
  • Testing & Startup
  • Programming, PLC, DCS, HMI, SCADA, MES
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Support after the Project

Contact Our Engineers

Patriot Automation is considered as a top automation solutions provider in Greenville, South Carolina and across the country. In a recent project, a client had difficulty with their installation contractor. Therefore, they called on us and we correctly completed the job. We corrected all errors, assisted in the system start-up, and did it at their location.  Contact us today so we can help with all of your needs. We would like to share some of our past work with you so that you know well we can fit with your next project.

Industries our Engineers Serve

Patriot Automation offers products and services to a wide range of industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial OEM
  • Municipal
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Tobacco
  • Fiberglass
  • Control System Upgrades
  • Chemical
  • Data Centers