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Process Control Single Loop Controllers
Single Loop Controllers

Patriot Automation would like to be your Process Control Systems Engineering Experts. We have had much experience with the sometimes tedious way certain PID loops react to system upsets by the normal state of the process. Most importantly, we want to be sure that your PID loops will perform to their best ability. The hardware used in these loops can be that of a panel of Single Loop Controllers. Perhaps you have a larger process and require a PLC or DCS system with many analog input and output interface cards. What is important to us is that you have a high quality manufacturing system with tight process controls. We would like to help you get there!

Continuous or Batch Cycle?

Our Process Control experts the best in Continuous and Batch processing. Both have their design challenges. We are very familiar with ISA S-88 Batch Cycle Standards Design.

Continuous Process Operations

A continuous cycle process runs smoothly with very little upset to any analog process control variables. All PID loops are nice an quiet. All pens are steady on all charts. Primarily, only small changes are made because we are running good quality product. Any program or modification to the process control system must be scheduled for shut down. This is not an easy task and could also be quite costly. Starting and stopping a continuous system will make scrap product. Our engineers will be positive that it will perform as designed at start up. Above all, scrap product must be minimized.

Batch Process Operations

There are many steps to batch process control. Parameters change all the way though the cycle in a Batch operation because most everything will be ran though a state of upset. For example, all temperatures, pressures, flow, levels, weights, and etc are affected. PID loops will adjust because the process recipe calls for a step change. There may be ramping to an new set-point. Some step changes happen very quickly. If not watched, some step changes may be missed. Our Engineers here a Patriot Automation really have much experience with these systems because they know how to deliver the best efficiency in any running system.

PID Loop Tuning

Loop Tuning seems like a lost talent today with Process Control Systems. We at Patriot Automation are experts in PID loop tuning. We can take the most difficult PID loop and apply our many years of experience and have it performing well in a reasonable time. Some loops can be very slow with others may jump at a flash. We want to be your start up experts to help with this special task in your Process Automation and Control.

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