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First, a PLC Programmers history

Most PLC programmers don’t know their market history. In the 1970’s PLC development started . As a result, process changes were easier to modify than old relay-logic panels. Any change in the logic required re-wiring along while draftsmen completed the documentation. Also, installation costs were expensive because downtime was long. PLC’s were merely a relay replacement method, so, the Detroit automobile industry mainly drove this new concept.

A pioneer in future automation was Dick Morley because he founded Modicon. He developed a PLC prototype and he consequently called the Standard Machine Controller or SMC. In the beginning of 1969, Morley’s prototype was ready so he called it the Modicon 084.

PLC Programmers- Dick Morley
Dick Morley is on the far left showing off his prototype
Standard Machine Controller (SMC) or aka Modicon 084
Allen-Bradley PLC Programmer unit 1774-LP1 circa 1972
1774 PLC LP1

Competition quickly appeared so early PLCs used in industry after Morley’s development of the Modicon 084 was the GE Logitrol 400, the Modicon 184, and the Allen-Bradley 1774 PLC. Allen-Bradley was very quick and aggressive to market their “black-face” unit. They wanted to be different so it was simply called “The PLC”. It’s model series was the 1774-LP1 (Logic Processor 1).

Modicon continued to release new evolutions of their PLC. Allen-Bradley followed with their updated versions as well, so, the PLC-2 was next to come out. Allen-Bradley later released the huge PLC-3, the Pyramid Integrator or PLC 5-250. Next, was the slot-mounted PLC-5. Finally, we now have the ControLogix.

Modicon continued to evolve with their 284, 384, 584, 984, 984-B, 984-785 slot processors, Quantum, M340 and other M-series Processors.

State of the art PLC Systems

Rockwell Allen-Bradley PLC Contrologix
Allen Bradley 1756-L83 Chassis

Today’s systems are a dream for many PLC Programmers. Such advance technology with features too much to review. New system make legacy technology obsolete. Most importantly, Rockwell Allen-Bradley and Siemens are setting the standards in choice of hardware today. The original programmable logic controller to the new edge technology embedded in the scalable, information-enabled programmable automation controllers (PAC).

Patriot Automation; Your PLC Programmers

Our PLC Programmers and Engineers know most all PLC evolutions. From Allen-Bradley, Modicon, Schneider, and Siemens, they are here to help you select the right PLC for your application.

Most clients prefer Allen Bradley ControLogix and CompactLogix hardware. We have a broad team of experts for those processor arrangements.

Other clients prefer Siemens or Schneider/Modicon products. We have experts with these processors as well.

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