Automation Engineering

Patriot Automation’s on-site engineering facility contains every tool required for complete automation services including fabrication, assembly, wiring, labeling, testing, packaging and shipping. We offer full-service in-house and on-site automation engineering services. Our experienced staff of engineers and engineering technicians offers AutoCAD and Visio design, grafcet design, and PLC programming. We perform all automation technology services within the scope of NEC, NFPA and industry safety standards.

Automation Engineering Services

Our services include:

  • PLC and HMI programming
  • Grafcet design / Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
  • Electrical construction & engineering
  • Instrumentation engineering
  • AutoCAD design
  • E-Plan design
  • Solid-Works design

Example of Automation Engineering

On-Site Engineering Services

When you need on-site engineering assembly or construction services, we can provide:

  • Fabrication
  • Wiring
  • Assembly
  • Labeling
  • Testing
  • I/O checkout

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When you need expert engineering services, you can count on Patriot Automation. We serve customers in Greenville, South Carolina and throughout the country. Contact us today to find out more about the services we provide.